Fantasy World – MMORPG

Description: Join the adventure and meet new players! Fight fiesty mobs, collect cool hats, and level up your stats. Fantasy World is a free-to-play massively multiplayer role-playing game by Firith Studio. WEBSITE: SERVER: LOGIN ISSUES: PvE: Fight local and server-side mobs of all kinds, and collect coins and items! Items: Collect tons of hats, weapons, and shields/wards! Pets: Find new pets to increase your luck (higher % of landing critical blows)! Skills: Fish for food, mine for ores, and cut various trees for lumber! Crafting: With your ore, lumber, and coins, craft new items! Combat Skills: With each new level, add a point to Strength, Vitality, Defense, or Agility! Emotes: Use keyboard number keys to emote to other players!
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