Mouse Aim Trainer

Game designed to help you practice your mouse aim through various different ways. Hover: Hover over 100 red circles before the time limit. Difficulty changes the time limit.Click: Click 60 red circles before the time […]


Pull and drop your swinging pendulum to avoid obstacles and get the highest score!Pendulum is a hyper casual vertical scrolling game made with Construct 2. It only has 24 events and the goal of the […]

Precise Ball

Go through 15 stages with tiny ball on wacky looking roads. The ball must go carefully on a road without falling out. Most importanly, patience is the key in this game.There are two tracks from […]

RP Connect

O jogo foi desenvolvido com o intuito de atrair e informar o público em geral sobre a área de Relações Públicas durante a disciplina de Laboratório da Comunicação 1, e está sendo aperfeiçoada para o […]


A basic whack-a-mole game that I made for my apps for mobile devices class! Tell me your score in the comments! Click on the moles before they disappear! R to replay!